Thursday, July 31, 2014


I didn’t know much about prisoner 655321. He bunked right next to the wall of my cell, but I don’t think he ever said a single word to me. Never heard him say anything to anyone else, but we all knew he was there. Every one in the cells around his had the experience of looking up and seeing him stare at us and we agreed he was the most whacked in our unit. I’m talking about killers of all sorts, murderer-rapists, serial killers, you name it. I killed my parents on a speed weekend and I’m not even sure I’m sorry they’re dead. But when I look up and he fixes his stare on me, I just look away because in here the most important thing is to stay cool. Our war days are over. Better to get a good night sleep. [victims]
All I really know is he was convicted of killing a young girl. He didn’t even rape her. So if any of the crimes he writes about in here are true, I couldn’t say. I wouldn’t put it past him to fabricate a fantastic criminal past. It wouldn’t shock me either if it was all true. About the only thing I do know about this book is that the Chaplain brought him a typewriter for an hour every day and nobody complained about the noise. And the size of his prick. We all knew about that. He loved to show it off and sometimes spent whole days without any clothes. I also know he went out real calm. Not like most in here. He didn’t say a word when they took him. He just stopped typing, looked at me and smiled and handed me these pages.
think he gave it to me because he saw I read a lot and thought maybe I would know what to do with it. Or maybe he gave it to me because he passed my cell on the walk out. In this hole, you don’t have a chance to make amends, so I have worked to get this to the outside, not for monetary gain, but because it may help you understand at least one of us who are in here. I have not changed any meaning, but have retyped some pages where I thought it would not make sense. Many of the misspellings and bad grammar have been left in, so as not to glorify him in any way and to make his   of education obvious. The editors that have courageously decided to print this agree, with one important exception, that this bare edit is the best approach. [victims' voices]
Because of my circumstances, I prefer to remain anonymous and so the writer of these pages must also remain anonymous. Perhaps preventing him from gaining notoriety from his crimes will justify putting such a depraved tale to print.

LESS THAN 10 BUCKS, cheapskate.

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    Is this YOU?
    You were an artist ...not like RON HEVENER.
    RON HEVENER even looked like a killer...yes..a serial killer...but not you.
    And CHENEY?
    Oh yeah, DICK CHENEY, he 'd been SERIAL KILLER for YEARS!
    But HETU...not HETU.
    He was a good kid, just like you.
    So, the orphan , and the child who helped his dying mother for more
    than a dozen years see what mobsters like DICK CHENEY and
    RON HEVENER do to pure and gentle children ,who had sensitivity
    and graciousness....they raped you..and they continued to rape you,until you became what they were.
    And if I told you that an Italian boy by the name of SIMON physically raped me, at 19, too, what would you say , about this SIMON, who supposedly works with both of you?
    Well he did.
    And he was into the mob with his father in TORONTO, but the school didn't know that; and either did I, but that's what happened, and it was cruel.
    So KANSAS, makes " KANSAS KINGS".
    And it was supposed to be all about the release of tortured greyhounds,but maybe, just maybe, it might release you two.
    I hope so.
    I loved both of you.